Rome, Florence, and Venice

This past weekend was a longer weekend than usual due to May Day on Thursday, which is like our Labor Day. So, the SPED girls took advantage of this and conquered 3 cities in Italy in 4 days.

On Wednesday after school we flew to Rome. By the time we go there and got to our hotel, it was late and we were tired, so we decided to make an itinerary for the following day. We woke up early on Thursday to catch the tram into the city. Since we only had a day in Rome, we decided the bus tour was our best bet at seeing everything. Luckily the bus stopped at all the major sights, so we could ride around the city and get off to see everything on our itinerary. The first stop was the Vatican. The line moved fast and we were able to see the church and St. Peter’s Basilica. Unfortunately, the Sistine Chapel was closed for the holiday. Next, we saw the Colosseum and Roman Ruins. By then it was time to take a break for some Italian pizza and gelato. The remainder of our day in Rome was spent riding the bus all over the city, walking the tiny streets, shopping, and the Trevi Fountain. I was so excited to make my wish at the fountain; I guess we will see if it comes true sometime soon! As our first day in Italy came to an end we walked to a restaurant near our hotel for some pasta before we called it a night.

Friday morning came early as well. We were off to the train station to go to Florence. Once we arrived in Florence we quickly found out our hotel was in a village about 20 minutes away. With that being said and knowing we only
had a day in Florence, and it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, we decided to carry our backpacks with us. The good news about this decision is that we got to take a bus your around the city and walked around before it started raining. The bad news about this decision is that my back is still sore from carrying my bag around all day. We stood in line in the pouring rain for over 2 hours to get into the museum with Michelangelo’s Statue of David. Obviously the wait and water was well worth it. We bought bright colored ponchos to keep us and our bags dry and had as much fun as possible standing in a line, in the rain, with heavy backpacks. My shoes may have been soaking, my feet and back may have been aching, but I still loved Florence. We finally arrived at our hotel where we were able to dry off and have dinner before bed.

Saturday and Sunday were the days I anticipated the most. I was so excited to get to Venice, and it exceeded my expectations. We once again hopped on the train early in the morning for the last stop of our trip. My pictures don’t do it justice and my words cannot describe how gorgeous Venice was and how much I loved it! We checked into our hotel and were off to explore. We took a water taxi to the opposite side where San Marcos Square is located. We went to the duchesses’ palace and many shops in that area. Later in the day we walked around the whole island, shopped, and took many pictures. We ate dinner at a little place near our hotel. On Sunday we had another day to enjoy Venice. We did a little walking and decided it was time for a Gondola ride. The ride was about 40 minutes, but I could’ve stayed on it all day. We got to see all the smaller water ways, which were so calm and pretty. We walked back to San Marcos Square to go up into the tower that overlooked all of Venice. We ended our long weekend with pasta and gelato overlooking the water in Venice. As if you can’t tell already, Venice is my favorite place thus far.

After all the traveling, I was ready to return home and home meant Barcelona. I loved seeing the look of excitement on my host family’s face when I entered the living room. It’s crazy how quickly a place and people can become home and family.


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